Leaders School for the Community Event. Monday, September 19th., River Plate Stadium Auditorium

16 de September de 2016

On September 16th. the White Helmets Commission Chairman, Ambassador Alejandro Daneri, conducted a meeting with Mr. Rodolfo D´Onofrio, River Plate Athletic Club Chairman and with Mr. Juan Carr, social worker and founder of “Red Solidaria”.

During the meeting each institution described the social actions undertaken by them and analyzed the possibility of joining efforts. Under this framework, Mr. D’Onofrio and Mr. Carr invited the Commission to participate in the launching of the Leaders School for the Community event, to be held last September 19th. in the River Plate Stadium Auditorium.

The gathering would be attended by Amb. Embajador Daneri, Rodolfo D´Onofrio, Juan Carr, Margarita Barrientos (social worker), Rabbi Daniel Goldman, Carlos “Chapa” Retegui (trainer of the Argentine men’s hockey team, which got a gold medal in Río 2016) and Father Pepe Di Paola. It was foreseen that around two hundred youngsters aged between fourteen and twenty-five years old would participate and share their experiences, testimonies and reflections among them and with the speakers.

It was agreed White Helmets would participate in the event, and that they will show drawings, photographs and an institutional video based on humanitarian assistance, put together recently in a Syrian refugee camp assistance mission developed last May 2016 in Lebanon.

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