The National Training Meetings of White Helmets began at Campo de Mayo

30 de September de 2015

The White Helmets Commission began yesterday the National Training on "Diagnosis, situation and projection of Volunteering White Helmets". This meeting is held annually for volunteer corps in the Argentinean Training Center for Peacekeeping Operations (CAECOPAZ for its acronym in Spanish) at Campo de Mayo, Buenos Aires.

The meeting, which ends tomorrow, is a continuation of the efforts of the Commission to consolidate the national network of volunteers through the training and strengthening of their capacities in the prevention and response to socio-natural disasters, inside and outside Argentina.

In this edition, it is also proposed to do a retrospective analysis of activities, trainings and missions which were developed in the last decade, in order to create a space that will enrich the projection of national volunteerism and lays the foundations for the next 10 years, under the leadership of the White Helmets Commission.

In this regard, the call for the National Meeting 2015 was focused on the White Helmets volunteers with expertise in land management, groups’ coordination, training and coordination with other sectors of civil society, and participation in national and international missions.

Through workshops and debates, among other activities, it has been proposed to establish guidelines to the interaction between White Helmets and volunteers. Also, to identify training requirements to strengthen volunteerism has been an important task.

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