World Humanitarian Assistance Day

19 de August de 2016

In commemoration of Worlld Humanitarian Assistance Day, the Republic of Argentina never looks away to the suffering in several world regions, specially in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Argentina adheres to the principle of Non Indifference among States and reiterates its inalienable will to support the efforts carried out by the United Nations and the international community to reinforce the mechanisms leading to achieve an immediate solution to the terrible humanitarian Syrian crisis and to a political agreement that brings to an end the conflict, under the framework of  International Law, the International Law of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

In commemoration of World Humanitarian Assistance Day the Argentine Foreign Affairs Ministry adds its voice to those calling to work together with all individuals affected by the crisis. Our shared responsability as a Humanity is to call for joint action to help those most vulnerable and those who need urgent humanitarian assistance.

The World Humanitarian Assistance Day is commemorated every year on August 19th. It recognizes those who risk their lives at the service of others in need, and wishes to create a mobilization in favour of humanitarian action. This day, based on an initiative approved by the United Nations General Assembly seven years ago, coincides with the anniversary of the attack against the UN office in Baghdad in 2003.

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